About our founders

Tony McGovern Data Scientist. Hacker. Artist. Storyteller.

I create meaningful insight out of data. I find the whole process of discovering, cleaning, analyzing, and visualizing data extremely rewarding. I have both an unending love for cutting-edge technology and a dogged determination to solve the difficult problems others run away from. During the day, I use machine learning models and data mining techniques to solve analytical problems for the movie industry. At night, I use D3.js and other JavaScript frameworks to build expressive, interactive applications. Learn more about me on my LinkedIn profile and follow me on Twitter @tonmcg.

Ashleigh McGovern Design Strategist. Innovator. Entrepreneur.

I work with multi-disciplinary teams to design new solutions that put the user front and center. My experiences in the public school system, as an arts executive, and in global ocean conservation have taught me how to think critically and creatively with people to build solutions that achieve a lasting results. From leading strategic planning processes at regional arts institutions to co-designing moonshot ideas at the United Nations, I believe user-focused design is the only way to work in today's complex and fast-paced world. Learn more about me on my LinkedIn profile.

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